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Amir Sepehri worked at TCTS Lab from 1987 to 1992, where he obtained a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering, in the area of digital filtering. He is now a professor at University of Tehran, Iran.
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PhD Dissertation

A.A. SEPEHRI, 1991, "Contribution à l'étude de la stabilité du comportement transitoire des filtres numériques variables avec application au traitement du signal audio".

Regular Papers in Journals

A.A. SEPEHRI, A. GHAREHBAGHI, T. DUTOIT, A. KOCHARIAN, A. KIANI, 2010, "A novel method for pediatric heart sound segmentation without using the ECG", Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Volume 99, Issue 1, July 2010, Pages 43-48 .

Papers in Conference Proceedings

A.A. SEPEHRI, H. LEICH, R. BOITE, 1991, "On constant output linear shift variant digital filters oscillators", Proc. of the IEEE-PRORISC Symposium on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, pp. 105-110.
A.A. SEPEHRI, H. LEICH, R. BOITE, 1991, "On the stability of linear non-periodic shift variant IIR digital filters", Proc. of the 10th Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control.

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