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He Jun was a post-graduate student at TCTS Lab from 1990 to 1993, where she worked on continuous speech recognition. After her PhD graduation, she went to Canada with her husband (Gao Yang).
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Publications :

PhD Dissertation

H. JUN, 1995, "Incorporation Of Diferent Sources And Different Levels Of Segmental Constraints In Speech Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models".

Papers in Conference Proceedings

H. JUN, H. LEICH, 1995, "A unified way in incorporating segmental feature and segmental model in HMM", Proceedings ICAASP-95, pp. 532-535.
H. JUN, H. LEICH, 1994, "Combining stochastic trajectory model and discrimanative feature in speech recognizer", Proceedings IEEE ICASSP 94, pp. II 681-684.
H. LEICH, H. JUN, 1994, "Speech trajectory recognition in SOFM by using Bayes theorem", Procedings ISSIPNN'94, pp. 109-112.
H. LEICH, H. JUN, 1992, "A discriminative training algorithm for the speech recognizers based on neural prediction method", Proceedings EUSIPCO-92, pp. 423-426.

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