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Hervé Bourlard headed the Speech Recognition Research Group, from 1994 to 1997. He had previously been with Philips Research, Brussels, and had been a research group leader at Lernout and Hauspie. His work concentrated on developing the hybrid HMM/ANN and MULTI-BAND speech recognition technologies, in the context of the EC HIMARNNET, SPRACH, STRUT, THISL, and RESPITE projects. In 1997, he left TCTS Lab to become the manager of IDIAP, Martigny, Switzerland. He is also a professor at EFPL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne).
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Books or chapter in book

R. BOITE, T. DUTOIT, J. HANCQ, H. LEICH, H. BOURLARD, 2000, "Traitement de la Parole", 2nd Edition, 488 pp., Presses Polytechniques Universitaires Romandes, Lausanne, ISBN 2-88074-388-5.

PhD Dissertation

H. BOURLARD, 1992, "Continuous speech recognition : from hidden Markov models to artificial neural networks".

Regular Papers in Journals

N. MORGAN, H. BOURLARD, 1995, "Continuous Speech Recognition : An Introduction to the Hydrid HMM/Connectionist Approach", IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Invited Paper, v. 12, n°3, pp. 25-42.
N. MORGAN, H. BOURLARD, 1995, "Neural Networks for Statistical Recognition of Continuous Speech", Proceedings of the IEEE, Invited Paper, v. 83, n°5, pp. 741-770.
N. MORGAN, H. BOURLARD, 1995, "Speech Recognition and Neural Networks : Pattern Matching", The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks, M.A. Arbib (Ed.), Bradford Books, The MIT Press.

Papers in Conference Proceedings

A. ASAEI, B. PICART, H. BOURLARD, 2010, "Analysis of Phone Posterior Feature Space Exploiting Class-Specific Sparsity and MLP-based Similarity Measure", Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2010), pp. 4886-4889, 14th - 19th of March 2010, Dallas, Texas, USA.
J. HENNEBERT, C. RIS, H. BOURLARD, N. MORGAN, S. RENALS, 1997, "Estimation of Global Posteriors and Forward-Backward Training of Hybrid HMM/ANN Systems", Proc. Eurospeech'97, Rhodes, pp. 1951-1954.
S. DUPONT, J.M. BOITE, H. BOURLARD, O. DEROO, V. FONTAINE, 1997, "Hybrid HMM/ANN Systems for Training Independent Tasks : Experiments on Phonebook and Related Improvements", Proc. ICASSP'97, Munich, pp.1767-1770.
S. DUPONT, C. RIS, H. BOURLARD, 1997, "Robust Speech Recognition Based on Multi-Stream Features", Proc. of ESCA/NATO Workshop on Robust Speech Recognition for Unknown Communication Channels, Pont-à_Mousson, France, pp. 95-98.
V. FONTAINE, H. BOURLARD, 1997, "Speaker Dependent Speech Recognition based on Phone-Like Units Models", Proc. ICASSP'97, Munich.
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H. BOURLARD, S. DUPONT, 1996, "A new ASR approach based on independent processing and recombination of partial frequency bands", Proc. ICSLP'96, Philadelphia, pp. 422-425.
H. BOURLARD, C. RIS, Y. KONING, N. MORGAN, 1996, "A New Training Algorithm for Hybrid HMM/ANN Speech Recognition Systems", Proceedings EUSIPCO'96, pp.1583-1586, Trieste.
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H. BOURLARD, S. DUPONT, H. HERMANSKY, N. MORGAN, 1996, "Towards sub-band-based speech recognition", Proc. of EUSIPCO'96, Trieste, Italy, pp. 1579-1582.
N. MORGAN, H. BOURLARD, SU-LIN WU, 1995, "Digit Recognition with Stochastic Perceptual Speech Models", Proc. EUROSPEECH'95, Madrid, pp.771-774.
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N. MORGAN, H. BOURLARD, WU, 1995, "SPAM : Experiments with Digit Recognition", Proceedings of the 15th Annual Speech Research Symposium, Center for Language and Speech Processing, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, pp. 103-110.

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