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Jean-Marc BOITE

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Senior Researcher  

University of Mons (UMONS) 
Engineering Faculty of Mons (FPMs) 

Numediart Research Institute  
Infortech Research Institute  
TCTS Lab  
31, Boulevard Dolez  
B-7000 Mons (Belgium)  

phone: +32 65 37 47 70  
fax: +32 65 374729  

Jean-Marc Boite was part of the TCTS Lab ASRGroup from 1996 to 2000. He worked on the SPRACH and STRUT Projects. He is currently the head of the ASR group at MULTITEL ASBL .
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Papers in Conference Proceedings

S. DUPONT, C. RIS, L. COUVREUR, J.M. BOITE, 2005, "A study of implicit and explicit modeling of coarticulation and pronunciation variation", proc. of Interspeech 2005, Lisboa, Sept. 2005.
L. COUVREUR, J.M. BOITE, S. DUPONT, C. RIS, 2005, "Confidence Measure Normalization for Robust Selection of ASR Agents", Proceeding of the International Conference on Speech and Computer (SPECOM-2005), vol. 1, pp. 369-372, Patras, Greece, October 2005.
L. COUVREUR, J.M. BOITE, S. DUPONT, C. RIS, C. COUVREUR, 2001, "Fast Adaptation for Robust Speech Recognition in Reverberant Environments", Proceedings of International Workshop on Adaptation Methods for Speech Recognition (ITRW-2001), pp. 85-88, Sophia-Antipolis, France, August.
L. COUVREUR, J.M. BOITE, 1999, "Speaker Tracking in Broadcast Audio Material in the Framework of the THISL Project", Proceedings of 1999 Workshop on Accessing Information in Spoken Audio (ESCA-ETRW), pp.84-89, Cambridge, UK, april 1999.
S. DUPONT, J.M. BOITE, C. RIS, O. DEROO, V. FONTAINE, L. ZANONI, 1997, "Context Independent and Context Dependent Hybrid HMM/ANN Systems for Training Independent Tasks", Proc. of EUROSPEECH'97, Rhodes, Grèce, pp. 1947-1950.
S. DUPONT, J.M. BOITE, H. BOURLARD, O. DEROO, V. FONTAINE, 1997, "Hybrid HMM/ANN Systems for Training Independent Tasks : Experiments on Phonebook and Related Improvements", Proc. ICASSP'97, Munich, pp.1767-1770.
V. FONTAINE, J.M. BOITE, C. RIS, 1997, "Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis for Improved Speech Recognition", Proc. of EUROSPEECH'97, Rhodes, Grèce.
J.M. BOITE, S. DUPONT, C. RIS, F. BATAILLE, O. DEROO, V. FONTAINE, L. ZANONI, 1997, "STRUT : Un logiciel complet pour l'entrainement et la reconnaissance de la parole", Proc. Premières Journées Scientifiques et Techniques FRANCIL, pp 41-44, Avignon.
O. DEROO, H. LEICH, J.M. BOITE, S. DUPONT, C. RIS, V. FONTAINE, 1996, "Hybrid HMM/ANN systems for Speaker Independant Continuous Speech Recognition In French", Proc. ProRisc 8th Annual WorkShop on Circuits, System and Signal Processing, Mierlo, The Netherlands, pp. 137-141.

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