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Researcher, PhD Student  

University of Mons (UMONS) 
Engineering Faculty of Mons (FPMs) 

Numediart Research Institute  
Infortech Research Institute  
TCTS Lab  
31, Boulevard Dolez  
B-7000 Mons (Belgium)  

phone: +32 65 37 47 20  
fax: +32 65 374729  

Pierre Marighetto holds an Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Engineering degree from ENSEEIHT in Toulouse (France) and a Master's degree from INP de Toulouse, since 2013. He started his PhD in January 2015, joint between the University of Mons and the University of Ottawa. His PhD is under the supervision of Bernard Gosselin and Matei Mancas in Belgium, and Robert Laganiere in Canada. His work is based around human visual attention and video protection.
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Papers in Conference Proceedings

M. DÉCOMBAS, P. MARIGHETTO, I. CASSAGNE, N. RICHE, B. GOSSELIN, T. DUTOIT, R. LAGANIÈRE, 2015, "An Evaluation Criterion of Saliency Models for Video Seam Carving", Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP2015), Xiamen, China, October 19-21.

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