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Researcher, PhD Student  

University of Mons (UMONS) 
Engineering Faculty of Mons (FPMs) 

Numediart Research Institute  
Infortech Research Institute  
TCTS Lab  
31, Boulevard Dolez  
B-7000 Mons (Belgium)  

fax: +32 65 374729  

Sohaib Laraba is a PhD student at the TCTS lab of the University of Mons (UMONS) and his research includes stylistic gestures analysis and recognition using different motion capture systems and exploring high level motion features in addition to Human-Machine interactions. He is also a research assistant at UMONS and he works on the European project i-Treasures. He works on the Analysis of a traditional dance from the Walloon region (south) of Belgium using different motion capture technologies. The objective is the safeguarding and transmission of this dance.
Groups :
  • Motion Capture

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Publications :

Papers in Conference Proceedings

S. LARABA, J. TILMANNE, T. DUTOIT, 2016, "Adaptation Procedure for HMM-Based Sensor-Dependent Gesture Recognition", Proceedings of the 8th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion in Games (MIG '15), pp. 17-22, Lisbon, Portugal, May 7-8 [to appear].
N. GRAMMALIDIS, K. DIMITROPOULOS, F. TSALAKANIDOU , A. KITSIKIDIS, P. ROUSSEL, B. DENBY, P. CHAWAH, L. BUCHMAN, S. DUPONT, S. LARABA, B. PICART, M. TITS, J. TILMANNE, S. HADJIDIMITRIOU, L. HADJILEONTIADIS, V. CHARISIS, C. VOLIOTI, A. STERGIAKI, A. MANITSARIS, O. BOUZOS, S. MANITSARIS, 2016, "The i-Treasures Intangible Cultural Heritage dataset", Proceedings of 3rd International Symposium On Movement & Computing (MOCO 2016), Thessaloniki, Greece, 5-6 July, doi:10.1145/2948910.2948944.

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