Welcome to NOLISP 2013 website.

The Non-Linear Speech Processing (NOLISP) workshop is a biennial international workshop aiming at presenting and discussing new ideas, techniques and results related to alternative approaches in speech processing. New and innovative approaches and their applications are welcome to participate in this workshop.

Contributions are expected in (though not restricted to) the following domains:

  • Non-Linear Approximation and Estimation
  • Non-Linear Oscillators and Predictors
  • Higher-Order Statistics
  • Independent Component Analysis
  • Nearest Neighbours
  • Neural Networks
  • Decision Trees
  • Non-Parametric Models
  • Dynamics of Non-Linear Systems
  • Fractal Methods
  • Chaos Modeling
  • Non-Linear Differential Equations

All fields of speech processing are targeted by the workshop, namely:

  • Speech Production
  • Speech Analysis and Modeling
  • Speech Coding
  • Speech Synthesis
  • Speech Recognition
  • Speaker Identification / Verification
  • Speech Enhancement / Separation
  • Speech Perception
  • Others