Fully Multimodal Maintenance Methods


The goal of the project is to assess the usability of a solution based on wearable computer connected through a wireless network for improvement of the workflow in the field of maintenance, for instance for planes in the aviation sector and for trains in the railways sector. Our concept will equip any field technician with a mobile wearable computer allowing communication in real time with its colleagues and with a central server supervising all the field maintenance process and connected with the existing maintenance database used more traditionally. We do not limit our system to an only voice communicator system, but we would like to exploit any multimedia not pervasive interfaces like speech recognition, speech synthesis and wearable graphical user interface using head mounted screen. Eye tracking and gesture detection will be also considered integrating the last evolution available for these technologies. To propose an usable solution to the technician management problem (the right people at the right place at the right time) we intend to exploit the last indoor positioning technologies based on triangularisation of wireless array network (WAN) signal. For any of our solutions, we will study what will be the best trade-off between service localized on the mobile and on the server and how we can share the computation load as the best.


Project F3M gathers three university partners (TCTS laboratory at Faculté polytechnique de Mons, ELECGEN and CFAO laboratories at Université libre de Bruxelles) that have complementary know-how in the domains relevant for the project : multimodal interfaces, signal processing, integration (for TCTS), wireless communication networks (for ELEGGEN) and knowledge management (for CFAO). The project will last 3 years and half and aims at constructing a functional prototype of the complete maintenance system. This will not only mean designing the multimodal platform but also smartly managing information necessary to the maintenance actions.


Name Service de théorie des Circuits et de traitement du signal
Contact person Prof. Joël Hancq
Address 1, Av. Nicolas Copernic 7000 Mons, Belgium
email joel.hancq@fpms.ac.be

Name Service d'Electricité Générale
Contact person Dr. Philipp De Doncker
Address 50, Av. Franklin Roosvelt, CP 165/51, 1050 Brussel, Belgium
email pdedonck@ulb.ac.be

Name Service de Mécanique Analytique et CFAO
Contact person Dr. Pascal Francq
Address 50, Av. Franklin Roosvelt, CP 165/51, 1050 Brussel, Belgium
email pfrancq@ulb.ac.be