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Our Demos
Tumor Localization using Asymetry

This is a .avi short video describing a fast automatic tumor localization method using asymetry considerations.

M. Mancas

Iterative Watershed Segmentation

This is a semi-automatic segmentation technique mainly applied in head and neck tumor segmentation on computed tomography images.

M. Mancas

Off-Line Handwritten Recognition System

The proposed demonstration is an omni-scriptor recognition system that is able to classify the 10 handwritten digits, as well as 8 operators of a basic calculator: + - * / ( ) , =.

B. Gosselin

Who we are ?

Initially included in the signal processing department of Multitel, activities in image processing have considerately grown these past years leading to the creation of a research group in image processing and artificial intelligence. Our pole of excellence mainly deals with pattern recognition applied to industrial classification, reading systems (OCR) and medical imaging.








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