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        Our competencies are put in contribution in several projects and, in particularly, in medical imaging. An example of medical use of imaging is the automatic detection of emboli and tumours using different medical image modalities (MRI, CT-SCAN, PET). 

        We have also been given the opportunity to put our pattern recognition techniques into practice with projects on reading systems and industrial classification. One of the prototypes currently under development is an automatic visual apple-sorter, and also a mobile reading system for partially sighted people.



         These applications, which first seem rather different, do nevertheless use many common technologies. These techniques are based on general concepts of segmentation and pattern recognition that aim to convert images comprehensible by humans into information interpretable by a computer. 

         We have developed excellence in these recognition techniques using neural networks. This technology allows us to design a system which adapts optimally to some classification problems met in real life situations.


         Machine vision systems find numerous applications in today's production world. Industries' requirements in terms of quality control continuously increase, and production rates gain pace, leading to ever-growing productivity. If a physical characteristic can be visually identified, a vision system can be used to control, value or orientate it. Machine vision systems therefore finds many applications in product quality control. The vision system inspects and identifies thousands of pieces per minute and automatically rejects the faulty ones. 

         According to the complexity of image processing and the desired rate of production, we can or integrate existing systems, or develop a "tailor-made" system. We also offer our reading system experience for the conception of automatic mail or form sorter, printing control, etc.

        As a service provider in engineering software, we are open to new proposals to conceive your personalized solution and provide you with the necessary equipment for its implementation. According to your specification and budget, we will develop the application which best fits your needs.


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