MaxMBROLA Project
A MBROLA-based real-time voice synthetizer for Max/MSP
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Lastest News about the MaxMBROLA Project

15/11/2010: MaxMBROLA support is now continued here

22/06/2005: The MaxMBROLA Project has now its own website.

I received some emails of people confused between the MBROLA Project and the MaxMBROLA Project (trying to first install MBROLA software and then link with Max/MSP). Of course, MaxMBROLA is based on the MBROLA technology but the softwares are different and independent. Thus, I created this independent website gathering all usefull informations about the MaxMBROLA Project (softwares, tutorials, collaborations, etc.).

21/06/2005: Euspico'05 paper accepted!

The paper recently submitted to the Eusipco'05 Conference has been accepted. This paper is actually the first official document related to the MaxMBROLA Project. It describes the development of the MaxMBROLA~ external object (standard version) and discusses the main real-time issues and further work.

MaxMBROLA Project - Nicolas D'Alessandro, Raphäel Sebbe, Baris Bozkurt & Thierry Dutoit
Laboratoire de Théorie des Circuits et Traitement du Signal - FPMs
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