Stéphane Dupont

Machine Intelligence Research (MIR) Group
Numediart and Infortech Research Institutes
University of Mons


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Short Bio

Dr. Stéphane Dupont is now the coordinator of the Machine Intelligence Research (MIR) Group, and is involved in the Numediart Research Institute and Infortech Research Institute, since 2008. He is in charge of several research projects as partner or coordinator.

Dr. Stéphane Dupont received the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering at FPMs (now University of Mons - UMONS, Belgium) in 2000. He has been a visiting researcher at IDIAP (Switzerland) in 1997. Dr Dupont has also been a post-doctoral associate at the ICSI (Berkeley, California) in 2001-2002. There, he participated to the ETSI standardization activity on robust distributed speech recognition over wireless networks (Aurora). In 2002, he joined MULTITEL (Belgium), a research and innovation center, where he coordinated the speech recognition activities and several regional and EU projects, including the FP6 DIVINES project. He joined UMONS in 2008.

Dr. Dupont interests are in signal processing, machine learning, deep learning, speech processing, multimodal understanding and interaction technologies, multimedia content management, including for new media and digital art. He holds 3 international patents, and has authored/co-authored over 100 papers on these topics.

A CV is available here.

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