Stéphane Dupont

Machine Intelligence Research (MIR) Group
Numediart and Infortech Research Institutes
University of Mons


Ongoing Funded Research and Innovation Projects:

  • DeepSport (2017-2021) - Walloon Region: Machine Learning for Automating the Analysis and Production of Sports Videos.
    PIs: Thierry Dutoit and Stéphane Dupont
  • DigiMIR (2016-2020) - EU ERDF: Multimedia Information Retrieval for the Creative Industries.
    PIs: Stéphane Dupont
  • IDEES (2016-2020) - EU ERDF: Future Internet.
    PIs: project portfolio coordinated by CETIC
  • VCycle (2016-2017) - Walloon Region: An advanced search engine for creative audiovisual assets.
    PIs: Stéphane Dupont
  • IGLU (2015-2019) - ChistEra: Interactive Grounded Language Understanding.
    PIs: Thierry Dutoit and Stéphane Dupont
  • JOKER (2014-2017) - ChistEra: JOKe and Empathy of a Robot/ECA: Towards social and affective relations with a robot.
    PIs: Thierry Dutoit and Stéphane Dupont
  • iMotion (2014-2017) - ChistEra: Intelligent Multimodal Augmented Video Motion Retrieval System.
    PIs: Stéphane Dupont and Thierry Dutoit
  • i-Treasures (2013-2017) - EU FP7: Intangible Treasures - Capturing the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Learning the Rare Know-How of Living Human Treasures.
    PIs: Stéphane Dupont and Joëlle Tilmanne and Thierry Dutoit
Funded Research and Innovation Projects (Completed Projects):
  • ILHAIRE (2011-2014) - EU FP7: Incorporating Laughter into Human-Avatar Interactions.
    EU Project Coordinator: Stéphane Dupont.
    PIs: Stéphane Dupont and Jérôme Urbain and Thierry Dutoit
  • LinkedTV (2011-2015) - EU FP7: Television Linked to the Web. EU FP7.
    PIs: Stéphane Dupont and Matei Mancas and Bernard Gosselin
  • NUMEDIART (2008-2013) - Walloon Region: Research Programme in Digital Art Technologies.
    PIs: Thierry Dutoit
  • CARETAKER (2006-2008) - EU FP6: Content Analysis and Retrieval Technologies to Apply Knowledge Extraction to massive Recording.
  • DIVINES (2004-2007) - EU FP6: Diagnostic and Intrinsic Variabilities in Natural Speech.
    EU Project Coordinator: Stéphane Dupont.
  • ALLADIN (2004-2007) - EU FP6: Natural Language Based Decision Support in Neuro-Rehabilitation.
  • MAJORCALL (2003-2006) - EUREKA initiative. : Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Call Centre.
Past Research and Innovatin Activities in Speech Technologies:
  • AURORA: Effort to define a front-end algorithm for distributed speech recognition (DSR). ETSI standardization body.
  • Distributed Speech Recognition II: International patent on DSR using multiple streams (co-inventor), with ICSI/Qualcomm.
  • Distributed Speech Recognition I: International patent on DSR (co-inventor), with ICSI/Qualcomm.
  • Multimodal Speech Recognition: Fusion of audio and lip movement data, with FPMs/IDIAP.
  • Robust Speech Recognition: International patent on multiband speech recognition technology in noisy environments (inventor), with FPMs.
  • ARTHUR: An information/communication system for the emergency room. DGTRE Walloon regional government.

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