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I'm electrical engineer from both Faculte Polytechnique de Mons (FPMs) and Ecolde Superieure d'Electricite - Paris (Supelec) since 2002. I have achieved this year with high distinction the Master in Innovation Management organised in the FPMs  

I began my professional activities for Multitel asbl on October 2002, R&D center created by TCTS lab of FPMs, in the field of data fusion. I work for TCTS Lab of FPMs since June 2003.
My research interests concern image processing, data fusion, RF-ID and CEP technologies. I have been involved in the following projects : INITIATIVE project of Region Wallonne SYPOLE , WIST project of Region Wallonne MAIS and recent First Spin-Off project of Region Wallonne CEXTRA.

Research interests

My activities in SYPOLE project focus on the detection of regions of interest in the various applications developped during the research project. The main application require to detect and segment text zones in natural scenes images (images are taken with a camera and not from a scanner). This is really an interesting scientific problem which links a lot of different techniques. What are the "internal" operations of our eyes in order to localize text zones ? ... even when we are not able to identify it ! Is it the same comportment when we read a book or when we see a road sign or an hoarding ? Resolving partially these questions is the starting of development of an intelligent system able to identify text zones in images with important differences in the background, font style and font size. This automatic system must be able to recognize not only text zones but also the layout of the document. Our aim is to create a generic, parameter-free system as general (and so useful!) as possible... 

The objective of MAIS project is to develop a low-cost, low-consumption, secure smart card that will be readable from a distance. An example of application : a camera films the traffic in the entrance of an motorway. From the video stream, the system has to detect the presence of the tag on the car using the field of view of the camera. The tag can then be recognized and information can be transmitted in order to pay for example. My activities in MAIS project concern the detection and the localization of the tag in the images. When it is detected, the tage can be activated and information may be saved or transmitted.

I have had activities in the field of data fusion research. The research concern multisensor data fusion algorithms for trains in the framework of sensor fault detection. The project was in collaboration with Alstom Transport Charleroi.

Activities with contribution

  • Speech at the conference "Innovations technologiques: on peut rever..." (Lige, salon AUTONOMIES 2004)


Regular Papers in Journals

C. MANCAS-THILLOU, S. FERREIRA, J. DEMEYER, C. MINETTI, B. GOSSELIN, 2008, "A multifunctional reading assistant for the visually impaired", EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, vol. 2, Article ID 64295.
C. MANCAS-THILLOU, S. FERREIRA, B. GOSSELIN, 2005, "An Embedded Application for Degraded Text Recognition", Eurasip Journal on Applied Signal Processing, Special Issue on Advances in Intelligent Vision Systems: methods and applications, vol.13, pp. 2127-2135.

Papers in Conference Proceedings

S. FERREIRA, V. GARIN, B. GOSSELIN, 2005, "A Text Detection Technique Applied in the Framework of a Mobile Camera-Based Application", Proc. of Camera-based Document Analysis and Recognition (CBDAR 2005), workshop of ICDAR, Seoul (South Korea).
V. GAUDISSART, S. FERREIRA, C. MANCAS-THILLOU, B. GOSSELIN, 2005, "Sypole: a Mobile Assistant for the Blind", Proc. of European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2005), September 4-8, 2005, Antalya, Turkey.
J.P. PETERS, C. MANCAS-THILLOU, S. FERREIRA, 2004, "Embedded Reading Device for Blind People: a User-Centred Design", Proc. of Emerging Technologies and Applications for Imagery Pattern Recognition (AIPR 2004), Washington DC, (USA).
V. GAUDISSART, S. FERREIRA, C. MANCAS-THILLOU, 2004, "Mobile reading Assistant for Blind People", Proc. of Speech and Computer (SPECOM 2004), St Petersburg (Russia).
S. FERREIRA, C. MANCAS-THILLOU, B. GOSSELIN, 2003, "From Picture to speech: an innovative OCR application for embedded environment", Proc. of the 14th ProRISC workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing (ProRISC 2003), Veldhoven (Netherland).


  • CEXTRA, project web site currently in construction
To know more, see my complete CV (french) / CV (english) (updated in january 2007).

silvio dot ferreira at fpms dot ac dot be
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Fax:+32 65 374729
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